“You would never imagine that the better life you were promised would turn into a nightmare” – Marie

Human Wrongs Watch

Marie’ story is part of the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM) series: “i am a migrant“.*  Marie’s country of origen  is Congo and she currently lives in Kuwait– 5,122 kms from home.


Marie: Photo: IOM

“My recruitment agent in Congo said that I would work in a hospital in Malaysia as a translator.

Just before I traveled, I was told I would go to Kuwait instead. I had paid so much money that I had no other choice but to come.

When I arrived, my passport was taken by some people and I was taken to the agency. I could not understand what was going on. The recruitment agent laughed at me when I told her I was here to be a translator.

The family I was working for didn’t understand why I had paid money to come when they had already paid for me. It turns out that the traffickers charged me and my Kuwaiti family to come.

One day, I ran away from the agency, I went to different embassies, but no one could help me. I lived on the street for days. I will never forget what I went through.

Finally I was able to make it to the Senegalese embassy, and they brought me to a shelter.

I can tell you one thing: You would never imagine, when you’re listening to people you trust and who are telling you about the possibility of a better life abroad, that it will be a nightmare.”

Mary was able to seek assistance and reside in a shelter run by the Government of Kuwait.


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