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World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: ‘Bring to Life’ Precious Moments Caught on Film or Tape – UNESCO

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26 October 2018 — Old, grainy film and video footage from years gone by, not only stirs powerful memories – it’s also a vital resource for future generations, the United Nations cultural agency has highlighted, urging everyone to safeguard audio-visual heritage and make archives more accessible.


UN Photo | Over 37,000 discs with audio recordings of meetings at the United Nations are part of the organization’s rich audio heritage.

1930s Redux – The Story of the Black Legion, a White Supremacist Militia

Human Wrongs Watch

By Martha R. Bireda*

25 October 2018 (Wall Street International)* The ominous sense of fear and anxiety that spread through the United States during the 1930s appears to be reoccurring today. Understandably during the years of the Great Depression, financial and social insecurity were the norm. Unemployment and breadlines reflected the sense of self-preservation especially among whites who considered themselves to be pure Anglo-Saxons.

The Black Legion (1937) - A Warning Against Fascism And Bigotry
The Black Legion (1937) – A Warning Against Fascism And Bigotry | Photo from Wall Street International.

Once again, there is uncertainty about where the nation is heading.

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