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Preserving Biodiversity Vital to Reverse Tide of Climate Change – International Day

Human Wrongs Watch

The food people eat around the world is becoming “alarmingly homogenous” according to UN data, even though access to a wide variety of nutritious food has never been greater.


Bioversity International/B. Sthapit | A saleswoman sells Asian grapefruits on a floating market.
That warning comes as the world marks the International Day for Biological Diversity on Wednesday [22 May 2019], which this year highlights the impact of environmental neglect on food security and public health. 

Species Extinction Not Just a Curiosity: Our Food Security and Health Are at Stake

Kenya Nordic Flickr Karurumo,eastern Kenya
Photo by Flickr (From UN Environment).

22 May 2019 (UN Environment)* — While restaurants in cities around the world offer a tremendous variety of dishes, our global diet as a whole—what people actually eat—is becoming more homogenized.

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Despite Weathering a ‘Truly Existential Funding Crisis’ Last year, Money for Life-Saving Operations in Gaza ‘Will Only Last Until Mid-June’

Human Wrongs Watch

The head of the UN relief and works agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) warned on Wednesday [22 May 2019] that despite weathering a “truly existential crisis” over funding last year, money to continue operations this year in the Gaza Strip will only last until mid-June. 

UNRWA/Tamer Hamam | A Palestine refugee woman receives food assistance at the UNRWA Khan Younis Distribution Centre in Gaza. (file)
Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl told the Council it was “absolutely critical to avoid a breakdown of our food pipeline” and called on partners – 42 of whom increased their contributions to UNRWA last year after the United States withdrew funding – “to actively mobilize in support of our efforts”.
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