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The Myth of Gender Differences in Intelligence

By Robert Smith*

August 2019 (Wall Street International)*Men who have been thought of as philosophers and scientists have generated and perpetuated the myth that men and women are essentially different. Supposedly, men understand how to build and work with systems, while women are better empathizers. Many believe that males and females can be easily differentiated based on their intelligence, aggressiveness, mechanical skills, spatial visualization, empathy, agreeableness, communication skills and other characteristics1,2


Both sex and gender can affect brain and behavior, either independently or in interaction | Image from Wall Street International.

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Reimagining ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ as Social Commentary on Inequalities in Asia-Pacific

Human Wrongs Watch

BANGKOK, Thailand, Aug 30 2019 (IPS)* –  It’s 1962, and in a modest Hong Kong neighborhood, a poetic love story unfolds. Filmed almost twenty years ago, Wong Kar-wai’s seminal movie In the Mood for Love captured the world’s imagination about lifestyle in the region.



A lower-middle class existence had never looked better. Fast forward to 2018 and a new movie, set in today’s Singapore captures the world’s attention, but for very different reasons.

“Crazy Rich Asians” mixes Asian family values, education and prosperity with a consumeristic facade of jewelry, clothes and luxury travel.

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