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The Key to the Environmental Crisis Is Beneath Our Feet

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ellen Brown | Web of Debt – TRANSCEND Media Service*

The Green New Deal resolution that was introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives in February hit a wall in the Senate, where it was called unrealistic and unaffordable.


Ellen Brown

In a Washington Post article titled “The Green New Deal Sets Us Up for Failure. We Need a Better Approach,” former Colorado governor and Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper framed the problem like this:

The resolution sets unachievable goals. We do not yet have the technology needed to reach “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions” in 10 years. That’s why many wind and solar companies don’t support it. There is no clean substitute for jet fuel. Electric vehicles are growing quickly, yet are still in their infancy. Manufacturing industries such as steel and chemicals, which account for almost as much carbon emissions as transportation, are even harder to decarbonize.

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Evo Morales – An Indian Out of Place

Human Wrongs Watch

3 January 2020 (Wall Street International)* — The dramatic events in Bolivia in recent months have followed an imperial script that Latin Americans are becoming more and more familiar with, and which consists in paving the way for the replacing of a democratic government deemed hostile to the interests of the United States (or rather, of U.S. multinationals).
Evo Morales (2008)
Evo Morales (2008) (Photo from Wall Street International).
This is done by orchestrating a two-pronged plan: nullifying an “inimical” election victory while rapidly consolidating the new regime, which in its turn takes measures that go beyond the remit of a transitional government.
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