Dear Friends, Colleagues,
Just to greet you and to kindly ask you to please bear with Human Wrongs Watch for not having been able to regularly update its services as a source of “unseen” news and views.
Human Wrongs Watch is a one-old-man-band, who has to undergo a surgery in both eyes.
This voluntary, non-commercial, non-profit, advertising-free service will resume soon.
With sincere appreciation for you kind understanding.
Baher Kamal

2020 Human Wrongs Watch


2 Comments to “Apologies!”

  1. Dear Baher
    You have absolutely no reason to apologize. You do a fabulous job in highlighting “the unseen” and most important aspects of global life – where others only surf on the surface and concentrate their focus on the West and their own more or less small world.
    Your ongoing service to humanity and to fair and comprehensive information is deeply admirable – I know a little about how much it requires to do what you do.
    I hope by all my heart that your surgery goes well and that you will take a long good and very very well-deserved rest afterwards and not force yourself to be back online before you feel absolutely good about it, batteries charged.
    My warmest greetings and admirations!

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  2. My warmest wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


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