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New Permanent Forum to Improve the Lives of Afro-Descendants, Who Have for Centuries Suffered the Ills of Racism, Racial Discrimination and the Legacy of Enslavement

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — Capping years of deliberations, the UN General Assembly on 2 August 2021 established a new platform to improve the lives of Afro-descendants, who have for centuries suffered the ills of racism, racial discrimination and the legacy of enslavement around the globe.


UN Photo/Logan Abassi | Children living in a displaced persons camp in Haiti. (file)

The Gatekeepers of Mozambique’s Community Seed Banks

Human Wrongs Watch

These food heroes are guardians of their villages’ food security


With FAO’s technical support in identifying and storing seeds, communities in Mozambique set up seed banks to serve as a lifeline for farmers needing access to quality seeds for the next planting season or in times of emergencies. ©FAO/Telcínia Nhantumbo

(FAO)* — “Sometimes we are faced with droughts and other times we have floods,” says Anita António Candeeiro, leader of a women’s group of smallholder farmers in Chemba, Mozambique.

Aside from losing food and income sources, these disasters also often wipe out fields, making it necessary for farmers to start from scratch, requiring fresh seeds to begin anew. This basic necessity, and arguably the most important part of farming, isn’t as automatic or readily available as might be assumed.

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