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US, UK, France Promised USSR Not to Expand NATO East of Germany, Newly Discovered Document Proves

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By Ben Norton | Multipolarista – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Notes from a 1991 meeting prove that the US, UK, France, and Germany assured the Soviet Union that NATO would not expand east. It’s part of a growing body of evidence that the West broke its promise to Russia.

NATO Summit

A newly discovered document provides more evidence that Western governments broke their promise not to expand NATO eastward after German reunification.

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The Very Hungry Dragon: Meat-ing China’s Self-sufficiency Targets for Dairy and Protein

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MELBOURNE, Australia, Mar 1 2022 (IPS)* – Food security has long been a high priority for the Chinese central government and has been linked to China’s national security in recent years.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently released a national five-year plan under which China will seek to maintain a target to produce 95 percent of the protein domestically until 2025: China aims to become self-sufficient in poultry and eggs, 85 percent self-sufficient for beef and mutton, 70 percent for dairy, and 95 percent self-sufficient in pork.


Genevieve Donnellon-May

These targets intersect with many of the Chinese central government’s current aims to meet the growing demand for protein and dairy, safeguard food security, and other major policies.

Since the 21st century, global protein consumption has risen and is projected to increase. This is also the case for China which has an insatiable appetite for meat. Today, China is estimated to consume 28% of the world’s meat, including half of the world’s pork.

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The Paused Quest for Humane Governance in the Arab World: Is It Time ‘to Fail Better’?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Richard Falk – TRANSCEND Media Service

Looking Back

The acceleration of history encourages us to foreshorten our memory of past events, especially when a drama of disillusionment displaces hope by renewed disappointment.


Richard Falk

This happened to events widely welcomed a decade ago, viewed as a fresh start for the peoples of the Middle East, epitomized by massive demonstrations whose goals were expressed by such slogans as ‘bread, freedom, and social justice.

These uprising were celebrated by the liberal media in the West as ‘the Arab Spring.’

The role of activist youth, the spontaneous displays of populist strivings for a better political future, created the feeling that something irreversible, and for the better, was taking place that had transformative implications.

Yet it was not to be.

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