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An African View of What’s Happening in Europe

Human Wrongs Watch

By Khatondi Soita Wepukhulu*

Africans support the Ukrainian people, but centuries of experience also make us wary of ‘solutions’ by our former colonisers | ESPAÑOL

A sign protesting against US and European sanctions in Zimbabwe | Yagil Henkin / Alamy Stock Photo. All rights reserved

3 Marcch 2022 (openDemocracy)* — Scrolling through my social media and news feeds, “I stand with Ukraine” is the dominant statement of support for a country that undeniably needs it at this time.

But this stance is not as black and white as Western liberals like to think.

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Militarism Is Never the Answer

Human Wrongs Watch

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate | The Peace People – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Although we all condemn President Putin`s action in entering Ukraine we must now consider what steps can be taken to de-escalate the situation. Although some low level talks have been held we must consider the best options to not stroke or escalate a war in Europe.


Mairead Corrigan Maguire

Both sides need assurances of their own safety with Russia requesting that Ukraine remaining non-NATO/neutral state.

This is very important to the Russians.  Before the break-up of USSR, NATO promised never to move east into ex-soviet countries. They now have missiles and bases in most ex-soviet countries.

The Ukrainians also need guarantees of their own security. There would have to be a full withdrawal of Russian troops and possibly a UN Monitoring body along borders of Donbas region, to prevent ongoing war that has been carried out along the borders of Donbas where thousands of civilians have been killed following the 2014 uprising.

It is my belief that the escalation will continue if we go on weaponizing the region by UK/USA/EU.

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Can 70% of the World’s Poor Celebrate International Women’s Day?

Human Wrongs Watch

MADRID, Mar 7 2022 (IPS)* – The picture is gloomy: not only do women represent 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in conditions of poverty, but also up to 40% of the poorest households in urban areas are headed by women.
International Women's Day - women predominate in the world's food production (50-80%), but they own less than 10% of the land.

Women predominate in the world’s food production (50-80 per cent), but they own less than 10 per cent of the land. Credit: Jency Samuel/IP

Should this not be enough, please know that:

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