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Upset with the Opulence of the Rich? But the World’s Children Are Paying the Bill

Human Wrongs Watch

MADRID, May 30 2022 (IPS)* – The excesses committed by rich people can be deadly–and in fact they are. Be it about food, energy or overall waste, such excesses have been depleting the world’s natural resources and pushing both current and future generations towards the edge of a predictable abyss.

“The world’s richest countries are providing healthier environments for children within their borders, yet are disproportionately contributing to the destruction of the global environment”. Credit: Ashfaq Yusufzai/IPS

Over-consumption in the world’s richest countries is destroying children’s environments globally, explains UNICEF (the UN Children Fund) in its report Innocenti Report Card 17: Places and Spaces.

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The Rise of NATO in Africa

Human Wrongs Watch

By Vijay Prashad | Independent Media Institute – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Anxiety about the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) toward the Russian border is one of the causes of the current war in Ukraine.


Vijay Prashad

But this is not the only attempt at expansion by NATO, a treaty organization created in 1949 by the United States to project its military and political power over Europe.

In 2001, NATO conducted an “out of area” military operation in Afghanistan, which lasted 20 years, and in 2011, NATO—at the urging of France—bombed Libya and overthrew its government.

NATO military operations in Afghanistan and Libya were the prelude to discussions of a “Global NATO,” a project to use the NATO military alliance beyond its own charter obligations from the South China Sea to the Caribbean Sea.

NATO’s war in Libya was its first major military operation in Africa, but it was not the first European military footprint on the continent.

After centuries of European colonial wars in Africa, new states emerged in the aftermath of World War II to assert their sovereignty. Many of these states—from Ghana to Tanzania—refused to allow the European military forces to reenter the continent, which is why these European powers had to resort to assassinations and military coups to anoint pro-Western governments in the region.

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Our Global Economic System Is Broken. Are We Headed for a Mass Revolt?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Paul Rogers*

How long can billionaires continue to amass wealth while the world’s poorest struggle to buy food?

Just a couple of space-loving billionaires! | Twin up by openDemocracy via Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa-pool/dpa/Alamy and Geopix/Alamy. All rights reserved

28 May 2022 (openDemocracy)* — While it has long been blatantly obvious that the global economic model is not working for all, the rate of accumulation of wealth by a small minority is now breathtaking – if not totally obscene.

With the situation only being worsened by the economic impact of the Ukraine War – which has come on top of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – could we be headed for mass revolts sparked by a desperate need for change?

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