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Afghanistan: A Hidden Trophy Worth Greater than a Trillion Dollars

Human Wrongs Watch

MADRID, Sep 6 2022 (IPS)* – Both the mainstream media, the international bodies and the human rights defenders continue to rightly denounce the Taliban’s inhuman abuses against the Afghan people’s basic rights, in particular those of women and girls.

How come the Taliban managed in just weeks to push Afghanistan’s economy into “free fall”? Credit: UNAMA/Fraidoon Poya

Over one year after the Taliban takeover, an estimated 24.4 million people – 59 per cent of the population in Afghanistan – are dependent on international aid and emergency relief in their day-to-day lives. Credit: UNAMA/Fraidoon Poya

In doing so, they use a similar vocabulary, saying that since the Taliban “seized the power” on 15 August 2021 everything has collapsed. Shouldn’t it be more accurate to say that the power was “knowingly” “delivered” to them by the United States following negotiations between the two parties under Donald Trump’s administration?

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