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Of the Mexican Joke and the Nuclear Top Guns

Human Wrongs Watch

MADRID, Sep 26 2022 (IPS)* – A Mexican joke goes: “I kill people for money. But you are my best friend, so I will kill you for nothing.”

Nuclear Test. Credit: United Nations

This seems to be the dominating thinking of the five permanent members of the so-called Security Council, who, according to their own definition, hold the “primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.”

“The Security Council takes the lead in determining the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression,” they say, while calling upon parties to a dispute to settle it “by peaceful means.”

Nevertheless, they self-attribute the strange right to launch wars. “In some cases, the Security Council can resort to imposing sanctions or even authorise the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security.”

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