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Watch The Sky–It May Rain Atomic Bombs

By Baher Kamal | Human Wrongs Watch

There are no weather forecasts for that, so you must do it by yourself. Just watch the sky every time you can as it might rain atomic bombs. It is not about any fiction tall– a technical problem, a new virus or a hiker attack, could order drones (unmanned aircrafts) to empty their full-of-nuclear-weapons’ stomach on your head.

Armed Predator drone firing Hellfire missile | Wikimedia Commons

Here you are the story. Apparently not content with being the most powerful war machine on earth, the U.S. almighty military reportedly needs now an additional huge amount of money to “modernise” its weapons of mass destruction (WMD), specifically nuclear weapons.

According to fresh reports from Washington on mid June, the U.S military would be putting pressure on the Congress to allocate some 750 billion dollars overone decade for such purpose.

Out of this figure, this U.S. taxpayers money would be spent over on maintaining  the military nuclear arsenals (54 billions a year, 540 billion in ten years), and producing more ‘efficient’ nuclear weapons of mass destruction, new submarines and missiles… and new drones carrying atomic heads ready to kill any time by remote control. 

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