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The Huge, Inhuman Power of The Real ‘War Lords’

By Baher Kamal | Human Wrongs Watch

Politicians in rich countries use to cry to the sky and tear their hair out, warning against migrants and refugees’ alleged extraordinary threats and exceptional danger, while blaming them for all the troubles that their obedience to the “market lords” and the “war lords” has been causing.

For many Palestinians, it all started in 1948 | Wikimedia Commons

In this, politicians have a strong ally–the so-called mainstream media which are always ready to pick up the gauntlet, revelling in the dissemination of such alarm among citizens already depressed by the misdoings of their politicians.

Maistream media, however, randomly tell of the huge ammount of money that the military establisehments all over the world do spend. Did you know that you spend 236 dollars on the military power game?

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One’s Own Death As A Tool For Struggle

Human Wrongs Watch | Presenzza

By Pía Figueroa*

Credit: Equipo Base Newen

Many are those who throughout history have not found a way out the conflicts imposed by the conditions of social injustice, and have resorted to self-immolation as a form of denunciation and struggle. With their own suicide they seek to awaken in others a sense of solidarity with the powerless, to open the way for the collective modification of the conditions of oppression.

Santiago, 29/06/11 When many people attempt suicide – or represent it in a playful and dramatic way in the street – they are denouncing a system that continues to close the future of a whole generation.

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