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98% of All Hungry People Live In The Third World

Human Wrongs Watch

High food prices are here to stay, and their impact on the poor in developing countries who spend a high proportion of their income on food can be devastating”

Street Child, Bangladesh | Wikimedia Commons

Their number exceeds one billion and up to 98% of them live in developing countries.

They are the hungry people who have to add to their sufferance the very fact that food prices continue to increase, with no hope that they decline, and the so-called developed countries international continue to dump millions of tons of fresh food in the sea, blindly obeying the ‘market lords’ diktat.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) did need to say this, but it did: food prices are literally a matter of life and death, especially for the poorest of the poor, who already spend anywhere from 80% to 90% of their income on food.

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