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Small Farmers, Victims of Food Marketing Companies

Human Wrongs Watch

New York – Smallholder farmers, who produce up to 80 per cent of all food in some areas, mainly in Africa, “face the risk of exploitation under contract farming arrangements with processing or marketing companies,” according to UN top “right to food” expert.

Women are the most experienced small farmers | Photo: UN

Contract farming locks farmers into one segment of the food chain, said UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter, who presented his annual report to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, which focuses on social, humanitarian and cultural affairs.

It will be very difficult for farmers to move up the value chain into the processing, the packaging, the marketing of their food if all that is expected from them is to produce the crops that then the commodity buyer shall buy, transport, process and sell on the global market”.

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