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Syria: Death, Shortage of Food, Water and Medical Services

Human Wrongs Watch

Geneva – While the Syrian regime “brutal crackdown” on pro-democracy protesters continues unabated, with the death toll surpassing 3,500, the UN has now voiced concern over “shortages of food, water, electricity and medical services in Syria.”

Syria women protesting - Credit: UN

The UN World Food Programme, while reporting on this situation, requested that humanitarian agencies be allowed to go to all areas where people are in need of assistance.

The agency has not been able to carry out a full evaluation of the food situation in Syria, but plans to distribute 50,000 monthly ration packs this month, in addition to the 22,000 rations delivered in August, WFP spokesperson Gaëlle Sévenier said.

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Europe – The Vicious Circle of Paying Debts With More Debts

Human Wrongs Watch

By Raul de Sagastizabal* – PoliticaPress

With two years of failed plans, pseudo-plans and announcements of plans, Europe has acquired a huge pile of debt and a decade of agony.

Eurozone countries. Map: Glentamara | Wikimedia Commons

International media reports that the Italian 10-year bond yields exceeds 6.6 percent with a spread over the benchmark German bond of 400 basis points, percentage too close to 7% that triggered the debt bailouts in Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

The Spanish bond yield hovers around 5.64% with a spread of 390 basis points and it is assumed that European Central Bank would intervene in the sovereign bond markets to stem the rise of the bonds in both countries.

However, the news is not the rise in yields or spreads, the news is that Italy, as well as Spain, and other euro area partners continue to pay debts with more debt.

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