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For Most U.S. Politicians “the Promotion of Wars Is More Sacred Than God Himself!”

Human Wrongs Watch

By Charles Mercieca*, Ph.D. – TRANSCEND

The promotion of wars are viewed, especially by most US politicians, as the Holy Cow, more sacred than God Himself! President Obama has been so much under pressure from Republicans, where their ultimate goal is to oust him from the Whitehouse, that he has compromised his principles beyond comprehension. The Republicans want to continue to protect the rich as to become even richer, while they are literally dumping the poor making them poorer.” | Wikimedia Commons

The greatest problem of the American people is threefold in nature: (1) Congress, commonly known as the US government, which formulates and makes laws, (2) Whitehouse, the seat of the US President, who is empowered to set up guidelines and policies that are beneficial to the entire nation, and (3) Supreme Court, composed of nine members each one nominated by the US President but has to be approved by Congress in order to take office.

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