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Perpetual War

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery*,  TRANSCEND — Because the world spends roughly 1.7 trillion dollars each year on armaments, it follows that very many people make their living from war. This is the reason why it is correct to speak of war as a social, political and economic institution, and also one of the main reasons why war persists, although everyone realizes that it is the cause of much of the suffering of humanity.

**Author: US Army, Office of War Information (OWI) | Source: Department of Defense visual information (DVIC) [1] | Wikimedia Commons

We know that war is madness, but it persists. We know that it threatens the survival of our species, but it persists, entrenched in the attitudes of historians, newspaper editors and television producers, entrenched in the methods by which politicians finance their campaigns, and entrenched in the financial power of arms manufacturers, entrenched also in the ponderous and costly hardware of war, the fleets of warships, bombers, tanks, nuclear missiles and so on.

In his farewell address, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned his nation against the excessive power that had been acquired during World War II by the military-industrial complex:

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Russian American Vote Could Sway Tight US Presidential Election

Human Wrongs Watch

Washington, 5 November 2102 (By Maria Young for RIA Novosti*) – If the 2012 US presidential election is close enough in the right states, the winner could be determined in part by a group of voters barely acknowledged on the national political scene: Russian Americans, who number more than three million in the US and overwhelmingly vote Republican.

Igor Stravinsky LOC 32392u.jpgMaria Sharapova, December 2008.jpgZworykin kinescope 1929.jpgIgor Sikorsky.jpg
Mikhail Baryshnikov 2010.jpgTurchin.jpgYul Brynner in The Ten Commandments film trailer.jpgMilla Jovovich Cannes 2011.jpg
Natalie Wood 1966 Penelope.jpgNastia Liukin FP1.jpgAlexander P. de Seversky (Victory through Air Power).jpgLeonardoDiCaprioNov08.jpg

**Images: Notable Russian Americans: Igor Stravinsky • Maria Sharapova • Vladimir Zworykin • Igor Sikorsky * Mikhail Baryshnikov • Ivan Turchaninov • Yul Brynner · Milla Jovovich * Natalie Wood • Nastia Liukin · Alexander P. de Seversky · Leonardo DiCaprio | Wikimedia Commons

“States where the vote can make a difference are Florida, Ohio and potentially Pennsylvania,” said Dr. Igor Branovan, a New York City-area physician and president of the American Forum of Russian Jewry, an umbrella organization that encompasses several dozen Russian American groups and tracks voting trends.

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US Election: Europeans Endorse Obama for a Second Term

By EurActiv*, 5 November 2012 – If Europeans could vote tomorrow (6 November) in the US election, they would back President Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney, numerous polls have shown.

Source: EurActiv

In a survey released last week by British pollster YouGov, 90% of Europeans have said that they would vote for Obama if they could cast ballots. The reason behind it is that they don’t know much about Romney, the 65-year-old former equity investor, and find his ideas leaning too far on the right.

Meanwhile, latest polls in the United States show that the race for the White House remains effectively tied with 47% voting for Obama and 46% backing Romney, according to a Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll released Saturday.

“Europeans across the political spectrum see President Obama as broadly on the same wavelength,” said British MEP Baroness Sarah Ludford, vice-chair of the European Parliament delegation on relations with the United States.

Criticised at home for being too European, Obama collects support on this side of the Atlantic for his policies of expanding healthcare insurance, concern for the less well-off, social liberalism on gender and sexual orientation, and climate change.

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Of US Presidential Election and the ‘October Surprises’

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ernest Corea*, IDN-InDepthNews, Washington DC — Voters keeping a sharp lookout for an “October Surprise” – an unexpected event that could affect the November 6 presidential election – could not have been disappointed. They experienced several.

Photo: The Obama-Biden Transition Project

Some past October surprises have been both dramatic and significant.

To name a few: the British-French-Israeli conspiracy and invasion to wrest control of the Suez Cana from Egypt (1956), Henry Kissinger’s announcement about the Vietnam war that “peace is at hand” (1972), and the news leak, subsequently confirmed, that some years earlier George W. Bush was arrested for drunken driving in Texas (2000).

The most dramatic October Surprise of 2012 was, of course, “Frankenstorm” Sandy. It might be argued that the hurricane embedded in a massive storm was not exactly a “surprise” because meteorologists predicted its arrival with awesome accuracy.

What constituted the surprise especially for non-experts living in the areas hit by the storm were its ferocity and the extent of human suffering it wrought.

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