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World Conference in Brazil to Flight against Corruption, Bribery, Abuse of Power

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By Transparency International*, 6 November 2012 — Amid news of another round of financial scandals, word that the former president of a G8 country has been convicted of tax evasion and growing frustration across the Middle East that new leadership has not meant renewed efforts to stop corruption, it is more and more evident that the battle has to reach its next level.

**Image: A campaign to prevent bribes in Zambia | Photo: Lars Plougmann from London, United Kingdom | Wikimedia Commons

In Bangkok the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference pointed the way forward for the anti-corruption movement by empowering and supporting all those who are willing to change the rules of the game. This requires the restoring of trust through frank exchanges, concerted action and results.

In Brasilia the 15th IACC aims to take the struggle to its next level, beginning with the premise of mobilising people against corruption and impunity.

Why this is so important is obvious: The ever-rising cost of corruption shows that deep, long-lasting change is essential, and more importantly, corruption does not deserve a second chance. Our message to the corrupt is clear: impunity will not be tolerated.

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