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Israel Ranked Most Militarized Country

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Bonn — Israel has been ranked on top of the Global Militarization Index, according to a new report.

Credit: “Wikimedia Commons, User:Andux, User;Vardion, and Simon Eugster”.

The 2012 Bonn International Center for Conversion‘s (BICC) updated Global Militarization Index (GMI) shows the degree of militarization of 135 countries for the year 2011 and documents the development of up to 153 countries since 1990.

The update confirms the trend of the past years according to which the countries of the Middle East show the highest degree of militarization in the world. Tendencies towards higher regional militarization can also be found in Asia and the Caucasus.

Israel, Singapore, Syria, Russia, Jordan, Cyprus, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Saudi-Arabia are now the top ten of the Global Militarization Index (GMI).

This is the result of an evaluation of the most recent data (based on the latest surveys of 2011). With US $689 billion, the United States still has the highest military budget in the world. In the GMI 2012, it holds position 30 of 135.

The Index defines the degree of militarization of a country by, amongst others, the comparison of military expenditures with its gross domestic product (GDP) or other indicators, such as health expenditure or number of physicians.

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