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Kick-Start Action on Climate Pact

Human Wrongs Watch

In a watershed moment for international cooperation, global political, business and civil society leaders were headed to New York on 20 April 2016 where they will pledge fast action on the new United Nations sustainable development agenda and the landmark Paris climate agreement, to build on momentum from 2015 to create a better future for people and the planet.

Effects of climate change: the Tunari Mountain, part of the Andes Range, near the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, used to be covered by snow most of the year, and it was an important source of water. Currently snow is only present a few weeks a year. Photo: UN/Robert Brockmann

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Creating the Future

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery*

21 April 2016

The lyrics of a popular song repeat a message of comforting (but irresponsible) fatalism: “Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que Sera Sera. What will be will be.”


John Scales Avery

I strongly believe that we must not allow ourselves the luxury of fatalism, especially today, when our future is darkened by the twin threats of catastrophic climate change and thermonuclear war.

We must accept our responsibility for both the near future and the distant future. We must do all that is within our power to make our world one in which our children and their descendants can survive. We must save the environment. We must save plants and animals from extinction.

What has happened to the global environment is a human creation. Its very name, the anthhropocene, indicates that we made it. What will happen in the future will also be our creation, the sum of the choices that we make.

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