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Trump or Clinton: a Choice between Two Forms of Violence

Human Wrongs Watch

1. There should be a plural term for violences. This would let us talk about how to choose between violences. Today, this would mean judging between different ‘brands’ of violence in the sense of product lines.

Calculated, targeted and intimidating violence – the violence of drones, for example, compared to inflammatory, provocative, intimidating violence – the violence of terrorism. Tomorrow the American people will have to choose between two forms of violence. The system, represented by Hillary Clinton, and an anti-system conjured up by Donald Trump.

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Trump Threatens the World with Climate Disaster

Human Wrongs Watch

 By John Scales Avery*

 OSLO, NOV 9 2016 – By sabotaging Bernie Sander’s primary campaign, the Democratic National Committee seems to have committed suicide and destroyed the Democratic party. USA’s mass media were also responsible for the stolen primary, and for Donald Trump’s election to the US Presidency.


John Scales Avery

Bernie Sander was the people’s choice, and he would easily have defeated Donald Trump.

Americans suffering from economic hardship would have been given the reforms that they crave.

But faced with a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they chose Trump, who seemed to promise something other than the arrogance that they had been experiencing at the hands of the Beltway establishment.

Donald Trump’s worst characteristic is his denial of anthropogenic climate change.

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