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Pity the Almond Tree

Human Wrongs Watch

By Uri Avnery*


PITY THE almond tree, especially when it is in full bloom.


Uri Avnery

The bloom of the almond is, in German, Mandelblüt. That is also the name of Israel’s chief legal official, called “the Legal Advisor of the Government”.

The Legal Advisor is appointed by the government, but is supposed to be completely independent.

He is in practice the Attorney General, the person who has the final say about indicting people, especially the prime minister. That is now his unhappy lot.

Now Mandelblit (as we pronounce his name in Hebrew) is in an impossible position. The prime minister has been officially accused by the police on two counts of bribery. Now Mandelblit must decide whether to put him on trial.

But Binyamin Netanyahu has been his benefactor for a long time, pushing his career to the top. Do you bite the hand that has fed you? Or do you shirk your duty?

An awful choice.

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