Climate Change: Fighting Drought in Somalia with Sand Dams

Human Wrongs Watch

25 December 2018 — The construction of sand dams which retain water above and below sand bars, is improving access to water supplies for people in Somalia as the country continues to weather periods of damaging drought.

UNDP Somalia/Said Isse | In Somalia’s Puntland, crops and livestock have died in areas where there is no water following three years of failed rains. (January 2017)
Parts of the Horn of Africa nation have not received rain for three consecutive years and, as a result, crops and livestock have perished.
Many fear a repeat of the 2011 famine in which nearly 260,000 people died.

UNDP Somalia/Said Isse | Sand dams in Puntland, Somalia, can harvest water above and below ground and help to build the resilience of local people. (2017) ​​​UNDP Somalia/Said Isse

But now the UN Development Programme-supported sand dams are providing immediate access to water and a longer-term solution to the challenges of climate change-related droughts.

Read more here, about how the UN is helping to build the resilience of communities in Somalia. (SOURCE: UN News).


2018 Human Wrongs Watch

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