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The Crucial Role of the Military in the Venezuelan Crisis

By Dr Nan Tian and Dr Diego Lopes da Silva (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)*

In January 2019 Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly swore in congressman Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim president. Guaidó’s claim to power is a severe blow against the already weakened government of Nicolás Maduro, whose re-election as president in May 2018 was widely rejected by the international community and deemed illegitimate by over 50 foreign governments.

The crucial role of the military in the Venezuelan crisis

Military parade in Caracas, 5 Mar. 2014. Photo: Xavier Granja Cedeño / Cancilleria Ecuador / Wikimedia Commons.

‘I’ll Be the First Farmer in My Family’

Human Wrongs Watch

School gardening takes root in Kenyan refugee settlement.


Thanks to a Junior Farmer Field and Life School training course in her school, Dimiana Nange Clement now wants to be a farmer. ©FAO/Sven G. Simonsen

10 April 2019 (FAO)* — Dimiana Nange Clement is a young refugee and a budding farmer. The 11-year-old lives with her family in the Kalobeyei integrated settlement in northern Kenya. The settlement is adjacent to the Kakuma refugee camp, one of the largest such facilities in the world.

Families and schools here are increasingly turning to gardening as a source of better nutrition and a way to inspire youngsters like Dimiana, who comes from South Sudan.

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Niger Population’s Suffering ‘Increasing with Each Passing Month’

Human Wrongs Watch

An upsurge of violence in the south-east of Niger means that the population’s suffering is increasing “with each passing month,” a UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) spokesperson warned on Tuesday[9 April 2019], at a press briefing in Geneva. In March alone, some 88 civilians were reported to have died during attacks.

OCHA/Franck Kuwonu | Families from Nigeria who have fled attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria, are shelteing in Diffa, Niger

The spokesperson, Babar Baloch, reported a resurgence of violent attacks by terror group Boko Haram, which has been targeting security and defence forces, as well as the civilian population in the region of Diffa, near the Nigerian border.

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Can Students Become a Revolutionary Force?

Human Wrongs Watch

By David Adams | Transition to a Culture of Peace – TRANSCEND Media Service*

As often remarked in this blog, the world is in such a mess that we need radical action. In fact we need revolutionary change.


Dr. David Adams

But where can it come from? Who can be the revolutionary actors?

A century ago, it was thought by some that revolution would come from industrial workers.

They were constantly and obviously exploited by their capitalist bosses.

They were concentrated in large numbers in factories

They had the power to stop production by going on strike.

Today there are few such factories in the rich countries of the North. Factories have been automated or transferred to China and the poor countries of the South.

We don’t hear anymore that factory workers will change the world.

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Greenhouse Gases Are Depriving Our Oceans of Oxygen

Human Wrongs Watch

10 April 2019 (UN Environment)*Marine biologists will tell you that fish species such as tuna and swordfish, known as the deep-water divers of the ocean for hunting at depths of 200 metres, are today repeatedly coming to surface view.



10 April 2019 (UN Environment)* — Marine biologists will tell you that fish species such as tuna and swordfish, known as the deep-water divers of the ocean for hunting at depths of 200 metres, are today repeatedly coming to surface view.

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‘Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity’ Will Be Squandered Unless Social, Economic, Environmental Challenges Are Met’ – UN Youth Forum

Unless the world faces its “social, economic and environmental challenges head-on”, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday [9 April 2019], the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will not be met.*

UN Social Media Team | WHO China Ambassador Yiyang Qianxi attends 2019 ECOSOC Youth Forum.
Addressing the final plenary of the UN Youth Forum, he warned that “the once-in-a-generation opportunity we have to end poverty and bring lasting prosperity for all on a healthy planet, will have been squandered”.

Libyan National Conference Postponed, Nearly 500,000 Children at ‘Direct Risk’ from Fighting around Tripoli

An imminent UN-led Libyan conference seeking to set up elections for the war-ravaged, oil-rich country has been postponed because of ongoing clashes near the capital, the top United Nations official in the country said on Tuesday [9 April 2019].


© UNHCR/Sufyan Ararah | As renewed fighting broke out in Tripoli, Libya, in early-September, UNHCR’s local office provided assistance to refugees and asylum-seekers who escaped from detention centres as rockets exploded around the capital. 8 September 2018.

“Never Seen Such Toxicity, Such Poisonous Language in Politics, Media and Social Media” Directed Towards Refugees, Migrants and Foreigners

Human Wrongs Watch

In a heartfelt briefing to the Security Council on Tuesday [9 April 2019], Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, has said that, during his three and a half decades as an international civil servant, he has “never seen such toxicity, such poisonous language in politics, media and social media,” directed towards refugees, migrants and foreigners.

© UNICEF/UN0247721/Arcos | Colombian customs post at Rumichaca, border of Ecuador with Colombia. The UN refugee chief has condemned the toxic language focused on refugees and mingrants
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