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‘One Belt, One Road, One Million’: Rail Chief Plans to Connect Europe to China

By 2018, over 280,000 containers had been registered. That year, the total number of registered TUs between China and Europe amounted to 370,000.   [EPA/BODO MARKS]


The Short-Lived Life Expectancy of Autocratic Democracies

Human Wrongs Watch

By Prof. Richard Falk – TRANSCEND Media Service*

Looking Backwards

In the Cold War Era there was a sharp polemical contrast drawn between the ‘liberal’ West and the rest of the world, which was regarded as either Communist or authoritarian, regardless of whether its constitution was framed in democratic language or not.


Richard Falk

And liberal in the West was used to signify the primacy of the individual citizen as well as policies and practices reflecting an overall commitment to an economy centered in the private sector, although unevenly modified by various measures of social protection.

In the latter stages of the Cold War, the Western effort to hold the moral and political high ground in the ideological struggle emphasized freedom versus totalitarianism.

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Making Harassment at Work History

April 29, 2019 (UN Women)*Across the globe, women workers rise each day to power our world. They build, create, and drive progress across all sectors. Yet for millions of women, workplaces are sites of insecurity, abuse and vulnerability.

Srey Sros has worked her way up to a supervisor and heads a section responsible for cutting hems for the garments made at the factory. Photo: UN Women/Charles Fox

Photo: UN Women/Charles Fox


For far too long, the working world has been dominated by unequal power dynamics that endanger the safety and security of women, but change is underway.

Survivors have leveraged the power of solidarity, collective action, and social media to spur the most significant global movement to end harassment.

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US Takes Back Signature on Arms Trade Treaty

Human Wrongs Watch

UNITED NATIONS, Apr 29 2019 (IPS)* The United States dropped a political bombshell when President Donald Trump announced his administration would withdraw from the historic Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which the former Obama administration signed in September 2013.


“We are taking our signature back”, said Trump April 26, addressing a meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the most powerful gun lobbies in the US.

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