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Venezuela, a Vanishing Country

By Roberto Savio | Other News*

Let us try to look at the situation from a distance


Roberto Savio

To write about Venezuela has become extremely difficult. The country has become so polarized, that just two narratives are left.

One, that the government has been so handicapped by the sanctions and other punitive measures introduced by the Trump’s administration, and its allies (0ver 50 countries, and the European Union), that the economy has been strangled, with a terrible social and economic impact.

The other, that the government is in fact a dictatorship, who has made an administrative mess, has destroyed the economy, ad survives only thank to the support of the military, which has been corrupted by the government. Those are two oversimplifications, that we use for the sake of brevity. Let us try to look at things by a distance.

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Will China Run the World? Should It?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Richard Falk | Global Justice in the 21st Century – TRANSCEND Media Service


Richard Falk

Responses to interview questions from Javad Heiran-Nia on ‘World Order in the Time of COVID-19,’ with emphasis on China & United States, especially as reflected in the restructuring of the world economy.

The underlying issue is whether the Chinese or U.S. approach to global policy and world order will gain the upper hand, and at what costs to humanity. The interview will be published in a forthcoming issue of Age of Reflection, a monthly magazine.

This post adds some observations at the end that do not appear in the interview.

1 – In recent years, and especially with the spread of the Corona virus and the way China and the United States have dealt with this virus, the issue of Chinese and American order has received more and more attention. Do you think it is relevant to talk about Chinese order?


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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Thousands of Migrants Lose Shelter, after Camp Destroyed in Fire

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN News)* — The closure and subsequent fire, on Wednesday, at a migrant camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina has left thousands of migrants without shelter and protection, amid plummeting winter temperatures, the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported.

IOM 2020/Ervin Causevic | The fire rages at the Lipa emergency camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina that housed about 1,400 migrants.

Nearly all infrastructure at the Lipa Emergency Tent Camp, which housed about 1,400 migrants, has been destroyed or badly damaged. This number is in addition to some 1,500 migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees – including women and children – stranded in squats and forest camps nearby.

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