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Turning Up The Heat On Wall Street

Human Wrongs Watch

By Danny Lucia*

New York, October 3, 2011– The stakes went up for the Occupy Wall Street protest movement this weekend after police escalated their repression with the arrest of over 700 peaceful protesters during a march across the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1.

Crowd in Wall Street after the 1929 stock market crash | Wikimedia Commons

But the arrests couldn’t stop the growing enthusiasm for the movement. On the contrary, similar occupations continued to spread to other cities around the U.S., and the movement in New York City received more endorsements and pledges of support from labor and community organizations, ahead of a major union rally planned for this Wednesday.

Occupy Wall Street and its sister actions around the country have become lightning rods, drawing people fed up with every aspect of a world dominated by the greed and power of the “1 percent” on Wall Street and at the top of U.S. society.

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