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Seven Proposals for the Global Economic Crisis

Human Wrongs Watch

Editorial by Johan Galtung* – TRANSCEND

Image: William Murphy from Dublin, Ireland | Wikimedia Commons

I will work in the tradition of the NGO I represent, TRANSCEND: diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.

The basic diagnosis is the pathological inequality growth in societies, and in the world. In the Mother of Crises, Occupy Wall Street is now a local Arab Spring, as protest, not yet proposals.

The bottom 90 percent”–an interesting US category–has annual average family income around $31,000 whereas the top permille has to be measured in millions, and many of them.

Consequently, there is not enough buying power available to get the wheels of the real economy running, but more than enough liquidity at the top to get the finance economy overheated.

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Report: “Occupy” Movement Goes Global

Human Wrongs Watch

By Elizabeth Schulte and Alan Maass* –Socialist Worker

The Occupy movement that began in New York City’s financial district has spread around the country–and now around the world.

Image: S51438 | Wikimedia Commons

Saturday, October 15, was an international day of action to take the Occupy movement in the U.S. global–a fitting step forward since the demonstrations in New York City and now around the U.S. were inspired by the revolts and rebellions throughout this year in the Arab world and Europe.

It’s impossible to list all the places where people–fed up with a world run for profit and greed, and reeking of political corruption and inequality–turned out to raise their voices. The United for Global Change website reported that demonstrations took place 951 cities in 82 countries–and that’s probably an understatement.

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