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Record Increase of Unemployed Youth–Additional 4.5 Millions Worldwide in One Year

Human Wrongs Watch

The UN labour agency warns of a “youth jobs crisis in both developed and developing countries, with young people aged 15 to 24 finding it increasingly difficult to obtain decent employment and future prospects are dim.”

Credit: UN

As it released its “Global Employment Trends for Youth: 2011 Update,” the International Labour Organization (ILO) noted on October 19, 2011 that the global economic crisis led to a “substantial” increase in youth unemployment rates, reversing earlier favourable trends over the past decade.

At the peak of the crisis period in 2009, the global youth unemployment rate saw its largest annual increase on record, rising from 11.8 per cent to 12.7 per cent between 2008 and 2009 – an unprecedented increase of 4.5 million unemployed youth worldwide.

The average increase of the pre-crisis period (1997-2007) was less than 100,000 persons per year.

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Europeans, the Once Upon a Time Refugees!

Human Wrongs Watch

Geneva–The number of human beings seeking asylum in enriched industrialized countries –most of them were a massive source of refugees after II World War– has registered a high increase during the first half of 2011. Meanwhile, up to 80 per cent of all refugees on Earth are hosted in mostly impoverished developing nations.

Born stateless, this baby acquired nationality in 2008 in Bangladesh | Credit: UN

Industrialized countries saw a 17 per cent increase in asylum applications in the first half of this year, with most claimants coming from countries with long-standing displacement situations, the Geneva-based UN refugee agency UNHCR reported on October 18, 2011.

UNHCR’s “Asylum Levels and Trends in Industrialized Countries, First Half 2011” report also shows that 198,300 asylum applications were lodged in the period between January 1 and June 30, compared to 169,300 in the same period in 2010.

As application rates normally peak during the second half of the year, UNHCR projects that 2011 may see 420,000 applications by year’s end – the highest total in eight years.

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Indigenous Bolivians Halt Transnational Highway Crossing the Amazon

Source: WagingNonViolence

Human Wrongs Watch

By Luisa Trujillo* | WagingNonViolence

During the last three weeks, the Bolivian indigenous movement has taken to the streets in protest against a plan to build a multinational highway running through the Amazon, which would cross indigenous territory and a national reserve.


The protests, in which indigenous groups were joined by other national civil movements, now seem to be growing in momentum, to the point of becoming a true popular mobilization.

The Amazon highway is a project financed by the Brazilian government. The road is supposed to connect Bolivia with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, crossing through Brazil and Chile. But it is also slated to pass through the Isiboro Sécure National Park and Indigenous Territory (TIPNIS).

Two main concerns lie behind the indigenous protests of the highway: its environmental effects, as well as the indigenous community’s frustration with facing deadlock in their attempts to gain access to the decision-making process.

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