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The U.S. $4 Trillion War on Iraq: Mission Unaccomplished

Human Wrongs Watch 

SocialistWorker* — More than million Iraqis dead. Nearly 5,000 U.S. military personnel killed, and some 32,000 more maimed, physically and psychologically. Some $4 trillion spent on war –money that could have paid for schools, health care and programs to create jobs.


Yet those staggering numbers don’t even begin to capture the full horror of the war that the U.S. unleashed on Iraq in March 2003. And while the U.S. is finally winding down its occupation, Washington is maneuvering to keep its dominant role in the Middle East by maintaining Iraq as a U.S. client state while ratcheting up pressure on Iran.

Barack Obama announced last week that all U.S. forces will be withdrawn from Iraq by the end of the year. But the pullout doesn’t represent an abandonment of Washington’s aim to dominate the Middle East, but rather a rationalizing and retooling of U.S. imperialism.

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