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World Youth: No Jobs, No Education; Big Frustration, Scare

Human Wrongs Watch

New York – 6 February – A lack of job opportunities, inadequate education, vulnerable working conditions and insufficient government investment are some of the main concerns of young people around the world, according to a United Nations report on youth published today.

Credit:United Nations

The latest World Youth Report, released by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), for the first time included inputs from young people – with many participating in an online discussion on youth employment.

For almost one month, young people from the ages of 15 to 30 took part in an online consultation organized by DESA to share their views, experiences and recommendations on preparing for, entering and remaining active in the working force. Their contributions are the main subject of the report.

A main concern in the discussions was that current education systems are not preparing young people adequately to compete in the job market.

Young people questioned the quality of education they and their peers receive: whether or not it is relevant to available jobs, how their knowledge and skills will serve them in the long-term, and the extent to which decision-makers are committed to needed investment in the potential of young people,” the report said.

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The Untrammeled Dictatorship of the Banks in Europe

Human Wrongs Watch

By Chris Marsden – WSWS* – The defining event of this [last] week’s European Union summit was not what was finally discussed, but the proposal that was sidelined.

**Image: User:Mattes | Wikimedia Commons

Prior to the summit, Germany leaked news that it was demanding an EU-appointed “budget commissioner” for Greece with the power to override Greek budget policy as a precondition for any further loans.

Greece would have to make payments to the banks on its debt—which stands at 350 billion euros even before the 145 billion euros it is likely to seek—its “first and foremost” priority. It could not threaten its creditors with default and would have to accept whatever cuts financial authorities demanded of it, even if the banks withheld agreed-upon bailout payments.

A German government source said that the proposal was also aimed at other struggling euro zone members that receive aid, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland.

The proposal caused outrage in Greece. It was accompanied by proposals from the EU and the IMF demanding the elimination of an additional 150,000 government jobs, cuts and closures across the public sector, and a reduction in the paltry 750-euro monthly minimum wage.

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