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Syrians – From Assad’s Hell to Refugees’ Limbo

Human Wrongs Watch

By Abeer S. Abusaud

Amman – For a whole year now, there have been many conflicting reports and official statements about the numbers, status and aid provided to Syrian refugees in Jordan, mostly watering down their real situation.

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But their presence in Jordan is becoming a fact that can hardly be ignored; especially as increasing numbers are fleeing their country everyday due to the continuing rise in violence.

According to local sources in Mafraq on the Jordanian-Syrian borders, (quoted in A’Dustour newspaper last week) Syrian refugees are facing increasingly difficult and complex challenges related to severe shortage in daily needs, as well as health, education and housing needs in the absence of effective aid from the international community.

The sources pointed out that cases of chronic disease and disabilities and mental illness, were recorded among these refugee families.

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Drones in U.S. Skies Spying Upon American Citizens?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Bill Van Auken, WSWS* A little-noted amendment to a $63 billion Federal Aviation Authority appropriations bill has ominous implications for democratic rights in the United States.

**Photo credit:SSGT REYNALDO RAMON, USAF. Source | Wikimedia Commons

President Barack Obama signed the bill, the “FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012”, into law on February 14. It clears the way for a vast expansion of the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, over US territory.

The legislation, passed earlier this month, underscores the link between the explosive growth of US militarism abroad and the steady advance of police state repression at home.

Drones have become infamous the world over as instruments of US military aggression and assassination in the “global war on terror”.

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