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The “Troika” and the Complete Ruination of Greek Workers

Human Wrongs Watch

The new set of severe conditions that the “Troika” imposed on Greece in return for a new $173 billion (130 billion euro) bailout it needs to avoid a bankruptcy, has led to the collapse of Athens coalition government, as the far-right populist Laos Party rejected the loan agreement and several ministers and socialist senior officials resigned on Friday 10 February.

**Credit: Ggia | Wikimedia Commons

By Peter Schwarz – World Socialist Web Site* – The attacks on the Greek population have assumed monstrous proportions. The “Troika” of the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank is demanding no less than the complete ruination of the Greek working class.

The austerity measures already introduced have led to an unparalleled social decline. One in five adults and one in two young people in Greece are unemployed.

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