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Arms Trade: ‘Political Chess Games Risk Millions of Lives’

Human Wrongs Watch

While rights groups stress that the brutal crackdown on protesters in Syria and other Middle East and North Africa countries underlines the absence of a global regulation on the trade of conventional arms, a number of states –including U.S., China, and Russia– are rejecting the Inclusion of strong human rights safeguards in an international Arms Trade Treaty.

*Image: mekfouldji abdelkrim. Source | Wikimedia Commons

“Leaders currently seeking a veto over an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) must stop playing chess with millions of innocent lives,” Amnesty International (AI)  in a report.

The call came in the wake of a week-long meeting at the United Nations, hammering out details for the final ATT negotiation in July.

A UN preparatory committee concluded a final round of talks on Friday 17 Feb. to define the rules of procedure for the ATT). It issued a report that includes a “non-paper” that will be the basis of this summer’s talks.

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