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More Elderly Than Children … Within Just Five Years

Human Wrongs Watch

Geneva, 7 April – Within the next five years, for the first time in history, the population of people aged 65 and older will outnumber children under the age of five.


The World Health Organization (WHO) also informs that in the middle of the last century there were 14 million people in the world aged 80 years or older. 

However, by 2050, there will be almost 400 million people in this age group – with 100 million of them in China alone.

On 7 April this year, the world marks the 60 anniversary of the founding of the WHO and each year a theme is selected that highlights a priority area of concern for the UN’s health agency.

This year’s theme, Good health adds life to years, focuses on promoting good health throughout individuals’ lives “to improve their chances of remaining health and productive in later years.”

UN officials stressed the importance of “providing adequate health services to older citizens” and called on countries to commit resources to help their ageing populations lead a healthy and active life.

In this regard, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged “governments, civil society and the private sector to commit attention and resources to ensuring that people everywhere have the chance to grow older in good health.” But “an increase in worldwide longevity is putting pressure on countries’ health services,” he warned. 

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