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New Israeli Plans To Grab More Palestinian Lands

Human Wrongs Watch

By Jean Shaoul, WSWS* — Recently released documents show that Israel’s Civil Administration, part of the Defence Ministry, has long earmarked up to 10 percent of the West Bank for new settlements or the expansion of existing ones. This is in contravention of international law, which bans the construction of towns and villages by the occupying power on territory captured in war.

**Israeli soldiers and settlers guarding a settlement. Author: ISM Palestine | Source | Wikimedia Commons

Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, which was supposed to lead to a separate Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza, with minor land swaps between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian land was divided up pending the final agreement into three areas: Area A, under PA control; Area B, under joint Israeli and PA control; and Area C, under Israeli control.

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