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“A Prayer by Indians”

Human Wrongs Watch

A poem by S. P. Udayakumar*, TRANSCEND – S P Udayakumar has been leading nonviolent, peaceful protests by thousands of villagers around Koodankulam in South India, asking for transparency and re-thinking of the commissioning of a nuclear power plant that poses risk to thousands of poor, unprivileged villagers who live around the site.

Kumar’s message is intense because he wishes to prevent the poor from a Fukushima like disaster. Our Indian Constitution guarantees the right to free speech and peaceful protest – a right that has been abused in hands of dirty politics for Kumar and thousands of villagers, who have been blocked food supplies and to be heard by Indian or foreign media.

Below is Kumar’s poem in protest of this abuse of their collective fundamental rights and for being treated violently by police forces. Several unjust arrests have been made and the international peace community is watching our dirty “democracy”. Sumeet Grover


With Due Apologies to St. Francis, Reinhold Niebuhr and St. Patrick

Oh, Prime Ministerial Lord, make me a sports authority of your games;
where there is common, let me steal wealth;
where there is contract, commission;
where there is agreement, kickbacks;
where there is deal, cut;
where there is pact, brokerage;
where there is bill, fee.
Oh, Apolitical Master!
grant that I may not so much seek to be taxed as to tax;
to be assessed, as to assess;
to be looted, as to loot;
for it is in plundering that we receive,
it is in funding that we are funded,
and it is in boot-licking that we are born to Powerful Life.

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