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More War Drums in the Middle East – Now Syria and Iran?

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New war drums now resound in the Middle East. UN Security Council decided on April 21 to deploy 300 unarmed observers to Syria to monitor a cease-fire agreement between President Bashar al-Assad and anti-regime groups. The Western-led Friends of Syria front met on April 19 in Paris. And NATO met in Brussels on April 18 with Syria on the table of discussions. In few days, NATO heads of state will gather in Chicago. Meanwhile, U.S. and Israeli military machines are heating up for a potential attack on Iran. Does U.S. President Barack Obama need a war in this electoral year?

**Photo credit: Bernd.Brincken | Wikimedia Commons

By Chris Marsden (WSWS*),  April 19 – Turkey is leading calls for a military attack on Syria on behalf of the United States. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu attended yesterday’s (Apr 18) NATO meeting in Brussels and will attend the Paris meeting today [Apr 19] of the Friends of Syria—the Washington-led front, encompassing the European powers and Arab League states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that is leading the war drive against Syria. Also in attendance along with Davutoglu will be Turkish Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz.

Behind the smokescreen of the United Nations and Kofi Annnan’s ceasefire, plans are being finalised for intervention, including US involvement under the auspices of NATO. Turkey had said it would raise the issue of an alleged violation of its Syrian border at the NATO ministerial meeting and call for NATO to come to its “defence.”

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