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Finance’s Ethics: a Leap into the Past

Human Wrongs Watch

By Roberto Savio*

San Salvador, Bahamas – Someday we will have to think over the impact the fall of the Berlin Wall had on the world for both winners and losers.

**Image: Lower Manhattan. Credit: Ibagli | Wikimedia Commons

In those years after the fall, Francis Fukuyama wrote the famous book The End of History where he stated that with the end of communism, capitalism was going to become an eternal reality.

He recently wrote in the New York Times (NYT) an article asking for limits to the excesses of corporations, the same corporations to which this newspaper dedicates several pages in its analyses.

The winners of the fall of communism were politicians, who had military power and new technologies at their disposal. The world of corporations (when finance was still a part of it) played a fundamental, albeit indirect role, until then.

And the defenders of the West (we are talking about 1988, which seems so far away today) presented a model of capitalism that today is disappearing.

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