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Does It Make Sense to Saw Off the Branch on Which You Are Sitting?

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery*, TRANSCEND — Does it make sense to destroy the world for the sake of profit or personal advantage? This is exactly what our governments and business leaders are doing today. This is what very many ordinary people are doing. But does it make sense?

**Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: zeevveez from Jerusalem, Israel.

Does it make sense to saw off the branch on which you are sitting? Does it make sense to jockey for a place at the Captain’s table on board an iceberg-struck Titanic?

Whoever contributes to the destruction of the world has to live in the world that they have destroyed.

Perhaps a short-term advantage can be gained; perhaps a small private Utopia can be created by acts that harm the general future; but all individual fates will sink like stones in a deep sea, if society as a whole sinks.

There will be no protection for anyone, if the world as a whole goes to pieces.

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“Oil. Religion. Occupation … A Combustible Mix”

By Victor Kattan, Al Shabaka*, 21 August 2012 — A Freedom of Information request with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) by Al-Shabaka has led to the release of new documents on Gaza’s gas fields, and surprising new information about the possibility of oil fields in the West Bank.

Source: Al Shabaka.

The released documents support Al-Shabaka’s previous policy brief The Gas Fields off Gaza: A Gift or a Curse?, which argued that the principal stumbling block to the development of the gas fields in Gaza is Israel’s refusal to pay market price for the gas.

The new documents reveal that, in addition, Israel may be exploiting an oil field located near Ramallah within the occupied Palestinian territories. The documents also address rumours that there may be two other oil fields near Qalqilya and another near Hebron. Al-Shabaka Program Director Victor Kattan dissects the correspondence and its implications.

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