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Egypt’s Anti-Islamist Counter-Revolution Falls Flat

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Cairo, August 26 (Sharia Amin* for RIA Novosti) –Organizers had called it “a second revolution” to topple Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt, but last Friday’s so-called “million people rally” failed to draw the massive support the opposition activists had hoped for. It was also proclaimed “a failure” by revolutionary forces which had earlier announced their decision not to take part.

**Mohamed Morsi.png: Jonathan Rashad

Unlike last year’s popular uprising when Egyptians were unified by the common goal of bringing down the corrupt Mubarak regime, Friday’s rally reflected the deep polarisation of a country divided along ideological lines.

The lower than expected turnout signaled however – for the second time in as many months – that the new Islamist President’s following was by far larger than the opposition camp (the first time this had happened was during the run-off vote that pitted Morsi against former regime loyalist Ahmed Shafik).

The crowd protesting outside the presidential palace on Friday (which at its peak numbered no more than 3,000 demonstrators ) was a mix of former regime supporters, secularists and Christians – all opposed to what they describe as the “Brotherhoodization of Egypt.”

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Any Chance Today for a Non-Aligned Movement?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ernest Corea*, IDN-InDepthNews, Washington — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s decision to attend the sixteenth summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM16) in Tehran from August 26 to 31 follows the precedent set by his predecessors and reaffirms the interlinked relationship between the UN and NAM.

Image: 16th NAM Summit logo

NAM has been described as the largest politically-oriented body in the world, second in membership to the Group of 77 and China.

Most of NAM’s members are UN members as well. Issues explored by NAM have been and are on the UN agenda too, and in several instances the positions taken by NAM, although sometimes opposed in other forums, have prevailed at the UN.

The Secretary-General’s judgment that he should attend the summit effectively dismissed suggestions that he should not do so, because of its location – which was determined and announced three years ago when the previous NAM summit was held in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt).

Confirming the universality of the Secretary-General’s role, and its independence from bilateral spats, the Ban’s spokesman said that he takes “seriously” his “responsibility and that of the UN to pursue diplomatic engagement with all of the world body’s Member States, in the interest of peacefully addressing vital matters of peace and security.”

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