UN Chief Condemns in Iran ‘Threats by Any Member State to Destroy Another’

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In a message implicitly addressed to Iran for its repeated threats against Israel and which might also have been indirectly referring to Tel Aviv’s reported plans to launch a military attack on Iran, the UN chief condemned in Tehran “threats by any Member State to destroy or delegitimize another.”

Ban Ki-moon with Iranian Foreign Minister Aliakbar Salehi. UN Photo/E. Schneider

Taking note of the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear programme, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has emphasized the need for diplomacy in resolving the country’s nuclear issue, a United Nations spokesperson said on 31 August.

“It is regrettable that Iran has yet to reach agreement with the IAEA on a plan to resolve all outstanding issues,” the spokesperson told a news briefing at UN Headquarters in New York.

“The Secretary-General emphasizes that there can only be a diplomatic and negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear issue which should be pursued through a reciprocal, step-by-step process,” the spokesperson added.

“This must include measures by Iran aimed at building international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear programme,” the UN reported.

Non-Aligned Movement Summit

According to media reports, a leaked quarterly report from the IAEA notes that Iran has doubled the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges it has in an underground bunker.

The Iranian nuclear issue was a topic of discussion in the UN chief’s various meetings in Tehran, where he attended the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Both Israel and the United States had objected Ban’s participation in the Tehran summit, according to reports.

The Summit, under the chairmanship of the Government of Iran, began in the Iranian capital on Sunday and ended on Friday, and drew representatives from its 120 members, as well as from various associated observer countries.

“The Secretary-General used the opportunity of his participation in the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement to convey the clear concerns and expectations of the international community on this matter,” the spokesperson told the news briefing.

Iran’s nuclear activities have been of international concern since the discovery, in 2003, that Iran had concealed its nuclear activities for 18 years, in breach of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, says the UN.

Iran has repeatedly stated that its nuclear programme is for the peaceful purpose of providing energy, but many countries contend it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, the UN adds.

Media and diplomatic reports reiterated that, regardless of its possible intentions, Iran is still far away from reaching the required uranium enrichment level that would enable the Gulf country to develop a nuclear weapon.

Dialogue, Only Solution

In a meeting on Thursday with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Aliakbar Salehi, Ban had shared his concern about Iran’s nuclear programme and underscored the importance of transparency in this matter, as well as the need for Iran to fully comply with the IAEA, the UN reports.

Regarding Iran’s talks with the P5+1 grouping, which is made up of the five Security Council permanent members – China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States – along with Germany, Ban and Salehi agreed on the need for positive momentum that would advance the talks, according to the Secretary-General’s spokesperson.

“I conclude this visit strengthened in my conviction in dialogue and diplomacy,” Ban told reporters during a press conference at Mehrabad Airport in Teheran before his departure, the UN reported.

“Through dialogue and diplomacy, I expect Iran to contribute meaningfully to our global agenda and to regional and international peace and security.”

He added that he has condemned threats by any Member State to destroy or delegitimize another, UN added. “And I have reminded leaders here – and indeed throughout the region – to lower the volume and stop the provocation that can lead this area down a slippery slope of conflict. It is time for more reason and responsibility,” Ban said.

“I leave here mindful of the challenges, but also satisfied that we have conveyed the messages that simply must be aired at this critical time.”

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One Comment to “UN Chief Condemns in Iran ‘Threats by Any Member State to Destroy Another’”

  1. Yes, I read this, Baher. There is much reference to the statement about destroying another state (the inference being Israel) in our media and to a repetition of Ahmedinijad’s statement some time ago about ‘wiping Israel off the map’. It is a pity that those words used by Ahmedinejad were quite different and misconstrued by Israel and later the Western media. I have Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian and Israeli friends (some of whom speak both Arabic and Farsi) who all say that a dangerous distortion has been made for political reasons. Politics can be so dangerous. Thanks. It’s great to be on the mailing list, Gill

    Sep 1, 2012


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