‘The EU Does Not Meet the Requirements of a Nobel Peace Laureate’

By IPPNW* – They did it againThe Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union.

Trident Boat | JohnED76| Wikimedia Commons

The Norwegian Nobel Prize committee has again decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize award to a recipient with the intention to encourage the awardee to work for peace, rather than to reward an accomplishment.

The European Union was by its founders seen as a peace organization, but has since done little to promote peace or to achieve disarmament. Most important, the EU has not at all worked to diminish the greatest threat to mankind: nuclear war.

Two of the dominant members of the EU are nuclear weapon states, which have shown no intention to work to prevent a nuclear Armageddon. The EU has rather discouraged work by its member states against nuclear weapons.

The two European countries who have been most active for nuclear abolition, Switzerland and Norway, are not members of the EU.

Choosing Politicians Not Peace Researchers 

The Nobel Peace Prize committee members are appointed by the Norwegian Parliament.

The Parliament has chosen to appoint mostly politicians. Maybe that is the reason the members keep rewarding politicians and political organisations.

There should be members from peace research institutes, peace organisations, and respected non-political members of the community.

The European Union does not meet the requirements of a Nobel Peace laureate, according to the testament of Alfred Nobel, the one who shall have done the most or the best work for brotherhood between peoples, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies, and for the promotion of peace congresses.

*ar’s article was published on International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), a non-partisan federation of national medical organizations in 62 countries, representing tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, other health workers, and concerned citizens who share the common goal of creating a more peaceful and secure world freed from the threat of nuclear annihilation. Go to Original

IPPNW was founded in 1980 by physicians from the United States and the former Soviet Union who shared a common commitment to the prevention of nuclear war between their two countries. Citing the first principal of the medical profession—that doctors have an obligation to prevent what they cannot treat—a global federation of physician experts came together to explain the medical and scientific facts about nuclear war to policy makers and to the public, and to advocate for the elimination of nuclear weapons from the world’s arsenals. IPPNW received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.

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One Comment to “‘The EU Does Not Meet the Requirements of a Nobel Peace Laureate’”

  1. This Noble award is in fact a political boost for the European countries to remain united. Most probably this is the first instance that this Peace Award has been given to a conglomeration of nations with future expectations and not because of any worthwhile past achievement. This however reflects favoritism to a few politicians.


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