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Is It in Europe’s Interest to Push Russia into China’s Arms?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Roberto Savio*

ROME, May 23 2016 (IPS) – No mention in the media of the dangerous increase in the tension between Europe and Russia and yet Nato has just made operational in Romania a missile system, the ABM, which the United States has declared will protect it from “rogue” states, like Iran.


Roberto Savio

Russia, especially after the agreement reached with Iran on the control of its atomic industry, is convinced that the system is intended against its military force.

The US has announced it will build another second site in Poland in 2018.

The intention is to move from “reassurance” of eastern Nato allies to “deterrence” of the Kremlin.

That means more troops and equipment, longer deployments, bigger exercises, and a “persistent” presence of Nato and American troops in countries like Poland and the Baltics.

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Seeds of Suicide

Human Wrongs Watch

By Vandana Shiva* | Asian Age

19 May 2016 – May 22 has been declared International Biodiversity Day by the United Nations.


It gives us an opportunity to become aware of the rich biodiversity that has been evolved by our farmers as co-creators with nature.

It also provides an opportunity to acknowledge the threats to our biodiversity and our rights from IPR monopolies and monocultures.

Just as our Vedas and Upanishads have no individual authors, our rich biodiversity, including seeds, have been evolved cumulatively.

They are a common heritage of present and future farm communities who have evolved them collectively. I recently joined tribals in Central India who have evolved thousands of rice varieties for their festival of “Akti”.

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