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The Korean Peninsula Conflict: A Way Out

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

Jeju Peace Forum, Kwangju National University, Seoul; South Korea, 30 May 2016 – TRANSCEND Media Service – Like the Israel-Palestine conflict, the world has gotten tired of it, “what, the two Koreas still unable to sort it out”?  Also, like Israel-Palestine, the USA is in it; making the situation complicated.


Johan Galtung

Never has the situation been so tense after the end of the war in Korea more than 60 years ago.

Not only because of the nuclear bomb with missiles in North Korea, and the hawkish pro-nuke reaction in South Korea and Japan, but because of no moves forward to solve the underlying conflict.

And where is that conflict?

Not between North and South Korea, but between North Korea and USA that after 140+ years of victorious warfare had to accept armistice, not victory, in Korea.

Conflict means incompatible goals. Travel to Pyongyang and find that their goals are peace treaty, normalization of relations, and a nuclear free Korean Peninsula.

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UNICEF ‘Alarmed’ at Refugee and Migrant Deaths in the Mediterranean

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) expressed alarm at the number of migrant and refugee deaths in the past week in the Central Mediterranean, many of whom were believed to be unaccompanied minors.*

Hundreds of refugees and migrants aboard a fishing boat moments before being rescued by the Italian Navy as part of their Mare Nostrum operation in June 2014. Photo: The Italian Coastguard/Massimo Sestini

In anticipation of a major summer upswing of child migrants using the dangerous crossing between Libya and Italy UNICEF will shortly begin an operation with the Italian Government and partners to provide protection support, the agency on May 29 said in a press release.

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