USA: Another Stolen Election?

Human Wrongs Watch

By John Scales Avery*

13 June 2016

Many people throughout the world view recent political developments in the United States with alarm.


John Scales Avery

Is the US drifting towards fascism?

If so, is there a danger that the world will be plunged into an all-destroying thermonuclear war?

Will political irresponsibility in the United States result in climate change denial?

Will all hope of avoiding catastrophic climate change then be lost?

The mass media rushed to proclaim Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic nomination, even before voting in the California primary had taken place.

100,000 people attended a rally for Bernie Sanders, but the mass media failed to mention it at all.

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, the California primary took place.

It was, and is, too close to call. Gross voter suppression took place. But the mass media rushed to proclaim Clinton the winner.

In fact, the California Democratic primary was not the only one where suspected voter suppression or deletion took place. The same might be said of New York and Nevada. All of these election irregularities need to be investigated in detail.

One is reminded of the gross irregularities in Florida during the 2000 Presidential Election, when George W. Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore, with the connivance of the Republican-elected Supreme Court.  Many people believe that Al Gore really won, and that the election was stolen.,_2000#Aftermath

Today, in 2016, is another election being stolen from the people of the United States? Both Clinton and Trump are highly unpopular. Polls show that Trump might defeat Clinton in November, but that Bernie Sanders would easily beat Trump.

Polls also show that 90 percent of all US voters are dissatisfied with the electoral system. Is another election being stolen from the people? We must continue to investigate. We must find out.

Suggestions for further reading:

*John Scales Avery, Ph.D., who was part of a group that shared the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize for their work in organizing the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, is a member of the TRANSCEND Network and Associate Professor Emeritus at the H.C. Ørsted Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

He is chairman of both the Danish National Pugwash Group and the Danish Peace Academy and received his training in theoretical physics and theoretical chemistry at M.I.T., the University of Chicago and the University of London.

He is the author of numerous books and articles both on scientific topics and on broader social questions. His most recent book is Civilization’s Crisis in the 21st Century

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