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The Great Tree: 3200 Years in One Photo…

 Human Wrongs Watch

By Dr. Gary Steven Corseri*

 6 February 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – Because of its unbelievable size, this tree has never been photographed in its entirety, until now. National Geographic photographers have worked along with scientists to try and create the first photo that shows the President in all its glory.

And, when a sapling, did it hear
whispered legends on the wind–
of Hammurabi, Akhnaton, Babylon
and Ilium?

Those men climbing now are bugs.
Though they have their lives,
their daily grind for daily bread,
what’s 70 years in this Sequoia’s life,
secluded here in the soil of its elements?

And 500—nay, 5000–years from now,
when we’re long gone to ruins
and runes of memories
(on some computer chips, perchance!)
will living roots reach down to living earth,
will soaring branches still
filter light below?

Or will the whirling orb whirl lifeless
in the Cosmic Sea
where suns are gathering, even now,
like shining dew on silvery webs
to ripen and renew?

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Nonviolent Economy

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

6 February 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – Two important words enriching each other. “Nonviolent” easily becomes bla-bla, and “economy” is too general. But, does “nonviolent” make a difference for the better to the economy?  And vice versa, can “economy” make “nonviolent” more positive, beyond resistance to evil?


Johan Galtung

Let us start with “economy”, here conceived of as a cycle with three poles: Nature, Production, Consumption.

And three processes: Extraction from Nature, Distribution from Production to Consumption, and Pollution from Production-Consumption back to Nature.

The cycle flow is in that order: Nature → Production → Consumption → Nature.

A simple summary of the economy: humans extract resources from nature, produce-process for (end) consumption, and sends what they cannot consume back to nature (but economists, like book-keepers, left out the Nature part). And we want it all to be nonviolent!

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‘Violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State Could Amount to Crimes against Humanity’

Human Wrongs Watch

The scale of violence against the Rohingya community in Myanmar’s Rakhine state documented in a recent United Nations human rights report is a level of dehumanization and cruelty that is “revolting and unacceptable,” the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide on 6 February 2017 said, underlining the Government’s responsibility to ensure that populations are protected.


Residents of the Thet Kae Pyin camp for displaced people in Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar. (file) Photo: OCHA/P.Peron

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