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Mistrust Hindering Global Solutions, Says UN Secretary General

Human Wrongs Watch

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 13 2017 (IPS) – The global lack of confidence and trust is undermining the ability to solve the world’s complex problems, said UN Secretary-General during an international conference.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres. Credit: UN Photo

The 5th Annual World Government Summit (WGS), hosted by Dubai from February 12-14, has brought together over 4000 participants from more than 130 countries.

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Evolving Democracy

Human Wrongs Watch

By Johan Galtung*

13 February 2017 – TRANSCEND Media Service – What is the essence of democracy?


Johan Galtung

“Rule with the consent of the ruled” implies two classes of people, Rulers and Ruled; concretely State and People, Statism. “Free and Fair Elections” implies voting for a Parliament; Parliamentarism.

Together, a three-tier power structure State-Parliament-People; with People controlling Parliament, and Parliament controlling State.

In 2016 some voting differed from what State-Parliament expected; leading to talk about elitist vs populist democracy–from statism and parliamentarism to peopleism. A crisis. And talk about post-democracy.

Another answer about democratic essence is “one-tier self-ruling units”; no rulers vs ruled, and decisions are made by general assemblies for all.   This is often referred to as Anarchism, “no structure”.

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